A Tribute to Mike Weeber
by Steve Sawyer, head of Buildings and Grounds

It is with a mix of sadness and joy that I am writing to let you know of Mike Weeber's retirement today, December 31. It was his wish not to have anyone make a big deal of his departure, even after 27 years of service to the school, which is why I am writing this on his last day. This humility is typical of Mike who loved to work behind the scenes as an engineer, keeping all of the mechanical equipment performing at its best. His skills and determination were especially valuable as we worked to get the bugs out of the Middle and Lower School heating and cooling systems as those construction projects wrapped up.

If you never got to meet Mike, you can be assured that he was working away on your behalf, well beyond everything listed in his job description. Over the years he has helped many people with car troubles, aquarium leaks, dance set-ups, lamp repairs, student projects, locker problems, and just about anything that people would bring to him. He couldn't say no to a person in need. It was a pleasure and a privilege for me to work with him over the years. I learned a great deal from him and our department will miss him dearly.

I know that his immediate plans are to work on his house to prepare it for sale, and when his wife retires this spring, they will move out of the area. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.