A Tribute to Richard Lesczynski
By Rebeckah Iseman and Adrian Sotela

A Tribute to Richard Lesczynski

Known to everyone as Mr. L, Richard Lesczynski has been working in education for over 50 years. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in French, Master of Arts degrees in international relations and political science, and completed doctoral coursework in Russian language and Soviet studies. Richard proudly served his country as a Lt. Commander in the United States Coast Guard, embodying the Guard’s core values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty in all aspects of his life. Semper Paratus.

Afterwards, Richard worked at The International Trade and Commerce Department.  Mr. L. then went on to teach high school at St. Albans before coming to Sidwell where he has instructed and enlightened students for the past twenty-six years. It would be impossible to talk about all the many things Mr. L did here in addition to all his teaching duties. For example, he ran the Russian exchange for Sidwell students, served as the Faculty Clerk, served on the Heads Advisory Board, ran 8th grade graduation and, of course, was the ne plus ultra monitor of the dining room, to name but a few of his many contributions.

As a master teacher, Mr. L. had a profound impact on his students, many of whom have often expressed how much they enjoyed hearing his stories and how much they cherish the wisdom he has shared with them.  It is widely known that Mr. L is totally devoted to his work, having spent countless evenings and weekends in his classroom, grading and working to best prepare his students. Despite the fact that he made them write and rewrite their papers time and time again, they still think fondly of him.

Lastly, Richard is also a person who has for many years selflessly mentored, counseled, and supported many faculty and staff members. His teammates have expressed admiration and gratitude for his always being present when needed, for his unconditional willingness to provide ideas and solutions to situations as they arise and for always cheerfully adapting to changing circumstances.

It is an emotional challenge to say goodbye to someone as legendary as Mr. L, but we will always remember our wonderful colleague and his exemplary tenure at Sidwell Friends.  We wish him, along with his wife Annie and his children Sean and Caitlin, the best in their new journey.