Clubs and Affinity Groups

With more than 65 clubs and other extracurricular activities to choose from, Sidwell Friends students know that school isn’t just about what happens in the classroom.

Middle School teachers sponsor a wide range of after-school extracurricular activities for students in grades 5−8. Students with an international bent may be drawn to the Chinese Culture Club, Globetrotters, or the Heritage Spanish Speakers Club. Young thespians may try out for the play or musical. Other students may take part in Robotics, Math Counts, or the Animal Welfare Club.

In Upper School, clubs are run by student leaders with faculty sponsorship. Students interested in social justice may join the Female Empowerment Mission or GLSBT, or they may pursue their passion for robotics, chess, tea, microfinance—and a host of other topics. Affinity groups such as the Black Student Union and the Biracial Club offer students a chance to explore their developing identities. Budding journalists and writers produce a newspaper, a humor publication, a literary and art magazine, a yearbook, and a diversity magazine. Artistic options include singing in an a cappella groups, performing at Arts Guild (a monthly open mic night), or taking part in the many student productions overseen by our arts faculty. From astronomy to Shakespeare to service clubs, our students see extracurriculars as another opportunity to “let their lives speak.”

*Please note: Clubs are student-founded and change yearly based on interest. The list below is from a previous year and serves as an example of club offerings.