Coach Simon’s 100th Win

Joey Romansky '18

Head varsity football coach John Simon reached his 100th career win on October 27 against John Paul the Great. 

The win had a different feel than the first one according to Simon. “This one made me think of all the victories, all the kids that played for me. I just can’t believe that it happened,“ Simon said.  

Twenty years ago, 100 wins seemed like an inconceivable achievement to Simon. 

“I never thought I’d get to 100 wins” said Simon. “ As the years went on, I said, ‘man it would sure be nice [to reach the 100 win milestone].’ I’m still having a hard time dealing with the fact that I’ve been here long enough for 100 wins.”

“It finally happened,” Simon said. “It was on my radar going into the season with 98 wins going into the year. Then we went on a losing streak cause of injuries. I got nervous it would take a while.” But nonetheless, the team was able to get healthy at the right time and capture Simon’s 100th victory for the Quakers.

Simon repeatedly acknowledged that this achievement belongs not only to him, but also to everyone who has played and coached alongside him. “It’s all these hundreds of guys that have played for me that made it happen for me,” said Simon. “And the coaches I’ve had. They’re the ones that really win it for you, they’re the ones that do it, not you.”

The journey to 100 wins has been full of exciting and joyous moments for Simon and the Sidwell football teams. Some of his most memorable moments over the years were the 7 MAC championships Sidwell has won. He added that “Winning the city title in 2015 was huge.” Lastly, Simon said another game that really has stuck with him was the team’s 2002 victory over St. Albans. It was St. Albans’ homecoming game and the two football teams had not played each other in over 15 years. Sidwell defeated the Bulldogs in a huge victory for the team. 

He also remembered his first varsity win back in 1997. The first victory “was really big for me because I had coached most of the kids on JV the year before,” Simon said.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all the excitement surrounding his 100th victory, Simon is focused on closing out the current season successfully. “We really needed a win [against John Paul the Great]. These guys have really worked hard”  he said. “It was the best game of the year, that’s really what made it so good.”

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