FEM Club Introduces Movie Nights

Eleanor Walsh '21


On Friday, Nov. 17, the Female Empowerment Mission (FEM) club met in room 104/106 to host its monthly movie night. The November screening featured “Hidden Figures,” a movie about the unrecognized role of African American women in the 20th century space race. Five clubs--Black Girls Society (BGS), the Black Student Union (BSU), Computer Science Club, FEM, and Girls Rising in Technology--gathered to eat pizza and enjoy the film.

The idea for these movie nights took root over the summer, according to senior FEM Co-Head Serena Baldick. FEM wants to create a fun, relaxed environment where people can have conversations about feminism that connect to popular culture. In choosing movies such as “Legally Blonde” and “Hidden Figures,” FEM hopes people will start to think about media and feminism.

Following each movie night, FEM holds a discussion about the featured film and its connections to feminism. Especially with more controversial movies, the club hopes to get people talking and spark a conversation. Discussion questions could include, “Does a movie have to have a feminist character to be feminist?” FEM hopes that with questions like these they can make people think about the images portrayed in some of these movies.

One of the main goals of these nights is community. “We want to promote intersectionality between clubs, and get people to come together,” Baldick said. FEM hosted the most recent movie night with four other clubs, which meant there were people there from a variety of different clubs. FEM wants to bring together different groups of people to start a conversation about feminism and share different ideas, and even opposing viewpoints. 

Many attendees of the recent movie night appreciated the atmosphere that FEM had worked so hard to create. “I thought the environment was really fun, and they picked great movies with good discussion points to talk about,” said freshman Claudia Labson, who attended the screening of “Legally Blonde” in October. After the movie, the club posed the questions, “Is Elle a feminist?” and “Is the movie feminist?”

FEM’s movie nights are not only a place for pizza and movies, but also create a platform for discussion on relevant social and political issues. Senior FEM head Madeleine Scully said that FEM has movies lined up for the rest of the year and encourages students to attend.

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