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This Report on Philanthropy chronicles the remarkable support that you have provided to the School during an extraordinary year.

Advancing Friends

The philanthropy newsletter, featuring members of our community who are energizing the School’s comprehensive campaign through their giving and volunteerism.

Recent Donor Stories

Movers and Quakers Recognizes and Honors the Generosity of Young Alumni as Emerging Philanthropic Leaders

As a part of their lifelong journey with Sidwell Friends, alumni remain involved in various ways. Alumni in their first 5 to 20 years since graduation from Sidwell Friends are eligible to join Movers and Quakers, which includes invitations to special events and networking opportunities.

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The School Launches a Historic Campaign to Light the Way Forward

Homecoming Weekend always brings alumni, students, and families together to enjoy an array of athletic events and social gatherings. This year it also marked a historic moment in the School’s history: the public launch of a $152 million fundraising campaign called Together We Shine.

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The Brittany Chase Memorial Fund

As Guèye’s senior executive assistant from 2015 to 2021, Brittany Chase was a pillar in the Sidwell Friends community—a friendly face who supported and welcomed students, faculty, staff, and families. Through her service to the Black Student Union (BSU) and her leadership as the founding advisor of the Black Girls Society, Chase made a distinct and lasting contribution to the School’s culture of inclusivity and equity.

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The Dehejia Fellows Internship Program

When Vidisha Dehejia Patel ’81 and her father, Mak, had lunch with Sidwell Friends’ Dehejia Fellows last summer “the energy in the room was incredible,” says Vidisha. The program, which started with a handful of interns nearly 20 years ago, had 33 interns in 2022. “The room was full,” she says, “it was magnificent.”

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Why We Give


"Giving to the School was an easy decision for us: We wanted to have a lasting impact on this community, and we want more families, regardless of resources, to have opportunities to enjoy the Sidwell Friends experience. We are most excited about the School’s commitment to equity, justice, and inclusion. Sidwell Friends has been so thoughtful in the way it implements its values and vision. Funding the African and African American Studies Program allows current and future students to benefit from robust critical thinking and exploration. Given the racial history and current dynamics in our country, this program is vital for our children’s development."


"I want to give back to Sidwell Friends because Sidwell Friends gave so much to me. My values, goals, life choices, and countless other defining
characteristics of who I am today have been influenced by my time at the School. I hope my gifts accomplish two goals: supporting teachers and making the School as affordable as
possible. When alums step up, our giving helps ensure that Sidwell Friends attracts and retains the best educators and provides financial aid to students who need it. It is the combination of those two groups—passionate, engaging teachers and driven, caring students—that makes Sidwell Friends so special, and alumni get to make sure both groups have the financial support they deserve."


"I’ve been privileged to have had multiple relationships with Sidwell Friends—first as a student and then as a parent, donor, and trustee. I’ve been able to see the School from different perspectives over the past four decades, and perhaps what amazes me most is how the mission of the School has remained so consistent over those years. My wife, Anjali, and I feel fortunate to be able to support this mission, particularly through financial aid as the tuition level across all independent schools has grown significantly in the four decades since I was a student at Sidwell Friends. A values-based education is more important now than ever as we live in an increasingly polarized world, and I have full confidence that Sidwell Friends will continue to educate students to have the confidence and the credibility to speak truth to power; to shine a light on the wrong, the unfair, the uncomfortable; and to build a better and more inclusive world for us all."


"As a Sidwell Friends student, I was surrounded by excellence: the best athletes, the best lunches, the best go-gos, and the best facilities. Most importantly, the best friends (like Chery Weaver, Natalie Randolph, Kenzo Hakuta, Kush El-Amin, and Jason Jeffery, who scooped me up with love,
showed me the ropes, and made me believe I was home) and the best teachers (like Rickey Payton, who helped me find my voice and gave me space to explore it).

What I found in Sidwell Friends was a world in which I could explore the deepest parts of my soul. It gave me the space to open my heart and truly know that I could think outside the box and create my own reality. Sidwell Friends made me. I could not be the physician, entrepreneur, and quirky, tree-hugging human I am today without it.

I want Sidwell Friends to continue in perpetuity and the way that happens is with proper funding to support strong financial aid efforts, salaries worthy of the committed teachers and administrators who receive them, and beautiful, modern, state-of-the-art building expansions. I am grateful to be in a position to share what I have to make sure Sidwell Friends thrives forever."


"I give to Sidwell Friends because I want more
students to be able to access the opportunities that the School provides. I feel so lucky to be a part of this community, and it’s a great way to stay in touch with my classmates. Sidwell Friends shaped and made me aware of the lens through which I view the world and gave me empathy for the lenses of others. It’s also where I met my now-fiancé and my very closest friends to this day."


Amanda Meter
Senior Director of Individual Giving

Isabel Troncoso
Principal Gift Officer